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Our Story

Jolene wanted to take her love for coffee to another level. She had been wanting to start a vintage mobile coffee trailer for many years. She not only wanted the look but she wanted to back it up with amazing, freshly made on the spot latte's and such. Not like other mobile vendors who make it the night before, put it in a pitcher and serve it up. I believed in her and her dream and supported what she saw and we finally decided to go for it.

The Journey

Jolene found the trailer she'd been looking for. It was in a town just north of Nashville Tennessee. I (Bob) took a couple days off work to travel to Tennessee to pick up this trailer so Jolene's dream could become a reality. For the most part everything was going smooth until..

Not knowing at the time of pick-up but the lugs on the rim were not properly seated. During transport the lugs had loosened themselves, fallen off and the rim started wearing against the anchor bolts. Not to long after that, on a major highway down to one lane for construction, the tire came off. Seeing this I pulled over immediately. Not in a good place my only option was to back up almost a mile to a rest stop. the highway was down to one lane so I made a lot of friends as I backed down this road to the rest stop. I made it safely and sat there for another 11 hours while getting the service and parts needed to et me back on the road... 


Made It Home 

We made it home in mostly one piece. Jolene met us in the driveway excited to see the trailer. I got it all positioned in the drive, unhooked and opened it up for her. After the long journey I was excited for her to see it and anxious to see her get excited but... 

As she looked thru it I could tell that excitement I hoped for wasn't there. She was excited and happy but I knew it wasn't back flipping excitement. I said, "talk to me, what are you thinking?" Jolene says "It's not what I thought it was" after only seeing it in pictures from the guy we bought it from. Then I could tell her mind was going a million miles a minute. So I asked, "What do you see"... 

After a little pause she started firing out ideas of what she'd like to see happen. So basically it meant gutting what was done and basically starting from scratch. As she just stared at me with those damn pretty eyes I replied "let's do it"...

Like We Know What We Are Doing...

As we got going one thing led to another. After assessing the situation we ended up reframing the floor for more stability, framed and insulated all exterior walls. Originally had 1 outlet so we wired in a total of 6 outlets in all to operate all the machines we were planning to have.
We added 3 countertops, a cupboard to house our electric panel along with our plumbing for our 4 mini sinks. We cut in a fridge, added 2 water tanks for purified water to feed our latte machines. We had to be careful in laying out where everything went with the very limited space we had.
Not to mention us having some room to operate.


A Few Months Later... 

So what started as a conversation here and there, led into more serious conversations. Then led to "Hey I found a trailer outside of Nashville," to getting it home and seeing disappointment. Now i seen that look in her eye and that smile on her face and it was all becoming a reality. It was a big project that neither of us had a lot of experience in doing, but we did it together. We had to move a couple mountains, and spend some more money but our trailer was done... 

We really want to be part of people's special day weddings, birthday parties, graduations and such.. but we are really enjoying the farmer's markets and getting to meet all of you. Hopefully your enjoying us as much as we enjoy and appreciate all of you...

                                 Thank You!

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